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Los Alc√°zares has 4 main day markets plus a nightly summer market every night from July until September.

Monday Market: A small market located at La Zona Bar in Los Narejos. Mainly British stalls.

Tuesday Market:
This is the main Spanish Market, based at the dried river bed. It has a huge variety of fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Clothing, Shoes, Baby Goods, Household Utensils, Souvenirs and all the things you would expect to find at a Spanish Market.
Saturday Market:
This market is based in LosNarejos and starts at Crazy Corner and runs the full length Calle Nueva Ribera-T to Las Velas. It is 4 stalls wide and is a local and tourist market. It is similar to the Tuesday market with a huge choice of Fruit and Vegetables, but it has more clothing than the Tuesday Market.
Sunday Market:
This market is just outside the town on the way towards San Javier Airport, you can walk but it's easier in a car. About 1000 metres on the left, it's located in the Park an Fly Carpark, in a huge field with many parking spaces. Alternatively it can be reached by driving along the top road towards San Javier (the road that runs alongside the AP7 motorway) this time about 1000metres on the right. This is the correct road to use as it's technically a one way system, you also have to drive down a dusty farm track to gain access to the market.
At this market again Fresh Fruit, Clothing etc but quite a few 2nd hand stalls if you like a rumage.
On every night of the week between July and September, it is located behind the CONSUM and LIDL supermarkets. The traders start setting up around 6-00 and are there until about midnight. Mainly for tourists it sells cheap clothing, shoes, mobile accessories, cheap jewellery etc. The same stuff the illegal traders are trying to sell you on the Rio Nalon Strip, but usually a lot cheaper and without the hassle.
At the same time there is Fun Fair with many Amusements located behind the CONSUM supermarket that is a great hit with the kids.
Around this time we usually get a few Circus's coming to town. So there's plenty to see and do in Los Alc√°zares.
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