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The Los Alcázares URBANO bus drives back and forth through the town, from one end to the other where you can board and disembark at any bus stop on the route with a fixed fare of 50 cents.   The times and routes are printed on the bus stop poles.

I’ve printed what I could find, regarding the routes of the other buses and I hope this information can help you, although it might be a bit confusing regarding the buses to Murcia, Cartagena and Alicante.
The buses for Cartagena city centre are operated by Costa Azul usually blue/grey in colour.
The Murcia city centre buses are operated by Lycar usually yellow/white.
ACM Globalia bus routes are similar to the other 2 they are white and blue.
The matrix display on the front of the vehicle shows the destination.
From the 525 Hotel, walk down the road for 900 metres towards the town hall until you come to a graffiti of a boy hanging on a washing line.
The stops are just before the junction of Avenida de la Libertad with Calle Santa Anna and Calle Rodríguez de Almela.
On the opposite side of the road there's a plant / pet shop.
You need to be on the same side as the plant shop for both Cartagena and Murcia buses.
The opposite side with the mural  just up from the bar La Olivera, is where you get off the bus on the way back from Cartagena or Murcia, or get on if you’re heading northbound to Alicante, San Javier, Torrevieja etc.
Timetables are posted in the bus shelters. The local Spanish will help you if you’re not sure.

There is also a  stop virtually opposite The Arches, outside the now shut Roblemar restaurant.

Note that the Lycar bus doesn't stop at the parada on the southbound carriage way of the N332 by Costa Bici in Los Narejos .
The Costa Azul bus winds it's way from the Arches through Los Narejos before joining the N332 just before the next stop where the plant / pet shop is.
On the return journey the Costa Azul bus also stops on the northbound carriage way of the N332
diagonally opposite, from the old  Centro Integral de Desarrollo Turistico building.
I hope this information gives you a rough if not a confusing idea regarding the buses to Murcia, Cartagena and Alicante.


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