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Welcome to Los Alcázares.

Los Alcázares pronounced ( Los Al-ca-ther-es ) is a spa town in the region of Murcia located on the shores of the Mar Menor, the largest salt water lake in Europe.
Rich in minerals it is listed by the World Health Organisation as one of the healthiest places on earth.

NOTE: The terrible floods in 2016 and 2019 did significant damage to the Beaches and water quality in the Mar Menor, but the councils have worked extremely hard to try and restore  them back to what they were previously.
Hopefully they will soon be restored to normal.
It’s main activity is Tourism, as it boasts a fantastic coastline with over 7 kilometres of beautiful sandy beaches with direct access to the safe warm waters of the Mar Menor.
Life's A Beach ! there are 7 different beach areas in L.A. to find out more click HERE
The long Promenade runs the entire length of the town parallel to the beach and is ideal for walking jogging or cycling.
Along it’s length there are numerous chiringuito bars where you can chill out relax and enjoy a drink, snack or meal whilst  people watching or sunbathing.
The warm safe shallow water has a sea temperature of  2– 4 degrees above the Mediterranean and is perfectly suited for all types of water sports,  swimming, sailing, wind surfing, kite surfing etc.
L.A. also has a huge selection of  Restaurants, Bars, Nightlife, Markets, Shopping, Sport Centres, and many places of interest to visit and explore,  these are all listed in the list page.

One way to explore Los Alcázares is to get on the town's very own bus service the "Urbano Bus". for 1 euro it goes all over the town similar to a city tour.
Another popular attraction in the summer and a good way to get you're bearings is the Tourist train "El Habanero Tren Turistico" run by Jeff. The kids all love the train singing the 'macarena' and enjoying going round the roundabouts in circles. The train leaves at regular intervals from the bottom of the "Strip" Rio Nalon and you can get off anywhere along the route and back on when it comes back. Great Fun.

For Golfers L.A. is golf heaven there are 17 Golf Courses locally and over 30 golf courses within a 1 hr drive.
There is also a go-cart track next to now closed San Javier Airport, plus a cinema showing English films at Las Velas.
There are numerous folk markets, medieval markets, festivals, fiestas and parades throughout the year, with music and celebrations that resemble the vibrant and colourful festivals of Rio de Janeiro. Definitely not to be missed.
Through out the summer you occasionally get free air shows from the Spanish Air Force Pilots as they hone their flying skills above the Mar Menor beaches.
General Advice and Safety

Whilst L.A. is generally a relatively low crime well policed area, visitors should be aware of
the scams and cons that are common in the town (and most other Spanish towns in the area).

One scam is the dumb mute scam where you are approached by someone carrying a clipboard,
pointing at the clipboard indicating they are collecting for a charity and want you to sign and give a donation.
DON'T SIGN or GIVE THEM ANY MONEY, they are not deaf or dumb it's a CON. If you observe them for long enough
you will see them on the phone!!. They also wan't to check out where you keep you're wallet or purse so one of
the pickpockets can bump into you later!!
If someone asks you for the time and then attempts to give you a hug, be careful and watch you handbag or wallet as that's how the pickpockets operate, and they're experts !!

Another common scam is the beggars outside Mercadona and other stores, with babies and small children
displaying a cardboard sign.
If you check the handwriting on the board, it's the same on all the boards, and if you observe them for long enough
you'll see them all get picked up in a luxury vehicle at the end of the day by the gang leader.

Taxis !!! DON'T USE ILLEGAL UNREGISTERED TAXIS. Go to the taxi ranks and use a proper taxi.
If you get caught using an illegal taxi each person in the taxi will get a heavy fine.
and if you're involved in an accident you won't be insured.
A taxi to Corvera airport from Los Alcazares will cost between 30 to 40 euros.
The taxi driver you met in the pub last night will at least charge you a lot more.

North African traders selling fake conterfeit goods.
These Illegal Street Hawkers have been removed from most of the coastal resorts except L.A.
They were removed from Torrevieca and gradually from all the other resorts right down the coast
and have now all congregated in L.A.in Rio Nalon (the Tourist part of town)
The Police make a token effort to remove them by occassionally walking down the strip (Rio Nalon)
where the traders grab their blanket full of goods and scatter only to come back and set up again whenever
the police have gone.
All the stuff they sell is available cheaper at the local markets.

Other traders freely wander in and out of the restaurants and bars dumping trinkets on the tables to entice you to buy, That's when wallets and mobiles get stolen.
Some restaurants ban them from entering, but they wander between the tables outside.
The same goes for maurading musicians playing annoying renditions of Viva Espania, the Birdie Song and
Happy Birthday. (it's always somebody's birthday)
Then you get the Fire Eaters and Acrobats doing summersaults,
(dripping sweat all over your food when they come in to collect money at the end of their show.)
So please don't encourage them by paying them or buying their goods.
Again all the stuff they sell is available cheaper at the local markets.

You won't find them in the Spanish part of the old town in Los Alcazares.
The Police would take immediate action and remove them from there.

NOTE: The shop and bar owners have made repeated requests to have them all removed and have been trying for years to have them all banned.

So please don't encourage them !!
And have a safe crime free holiday in Los Alcázares.

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