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Welcome to lainfo.eu
L.A.s fine the sun shines most the time
And the feeling is lay back.Neil Diamond 1971

This Is A Pop Up Free Site.
This website is where you can find out all about Los Alcázares (L.A.)
Where to Stay, Eat, Drink, Buy or Rent a Property, Golf Courses, Car Hire, Entertainment,
Festivals, Sports Facilities, Gyms, Builders,Tradesman, Emergency Tel.Nos. and lots lots more.
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Los Alcázares Town has 3 main area's to explore and enjoy.
So I'll take you on a guided tour round the town of Los Alcázares.

The first area you arrive at in Los Alcázares approaching
from the North AP7, coming from either the new Corvera airport
or Alicante airport is the Los Narejos area known as the Arches.

As you come off the AP7 motorway on to the roundabout you can see the Archway.
This is the area known as the Arches, and at one time it was the only area in
Los Alcázares where you could get a food menu other than Spanish.
Still going strong, there are a few bars and some excellent restaurants to be found here.

If you continue down the road through the Arches "Avda Justo Quesada"
towards the beach for about 600 metres,
you will arrive at the Centro Comercial Las Velas.
A small shopping centre with a few shops, supermarket, gym and a cinema.
If you continue straight on down the road for another 600 metres
you will arrive at the Spinosa Beach Surf Bar and Restaurant, definately well worth the trip.
Every saturday morning the saturday market is set up in the street at Las Velas
and consists of four rows of market stalls, stretching the full length of the street
towards the town.

At the other end of the market you arrive at an area known as "Crazy Corner".
If you continue along the road for another 300 metres, you will arrive
at the bottom end of Rio Nalon.
Opposite the Hotel Costa Narejos.
Click HERE for a list of Shops & Business between Crazy Corner and Rio Nalon.


If instead when you come of the motorway slip road, and turn right at the Arches roundabout,
on the left is the El Lio Nightclub and Deutsche Bank, and on the right is the Shopping Mall.
then the La Cocinera convenience bar, Costabici bike store, Herbolario Almavenghy,
Wok Buffet 222,  La Vidi Jeba Bar and Restaurant,
Calysuper Chinese Mall, Mediterraneo Chinese Restaurant
Gurkha Durbar Nepali Restaurant and then a Church.
At the roundabout go straight on past Consum and Lidl on your right,
over the next roundabout then past Euromarket, Trebol Sports Bar,
Libalmar Boat Showroom, Mar Menor Furniture Store, then the El PatioII Steak House
with the Police Station opposite on you're left.
You've now arrived at the next area or tourist part of town, known as the Bahia Centre.
At the top end is the 525 Hotel  and Optician on one side,
and the Bankinter and Teleast on the other side.

The Boulevard Bar is right in the centre of the Square.

This leads down onto "Rio Nalon" or the strip as it it known to the locals.
This area is used predominately by tourist's and holidaymakers
and the local expats living in L.A.
It's here you will find a vast assortment of British, Indian,
Chinese, Mexican and Spanish Restaurants
plus Mercadona supermarket, Tourist shops, Computer shop,
Electrical shop, & Property shops.
We'll go down the strip listing all the shops, bars and business on one side
and come back up listing the business on the other side.
To view a list of the businesses on Rio Nalon click HERE.
At the the bottom of the strip is the Hotel Costa Narejos.
Behind the hotel is the promenade and beach.

Continuing down the main Dual Carriageway road from the 525 Hotel, the next area is Los Alcázares old town.
Which starts from the next roundabout at the Lo Sola garage and continues down past the dried river bed,
" this is where the Tuesday Spanish market is located " it then continues right down past the Town Hall and on to the petrol station at the south end of town.
Behind the Town Hall is the Spanish Town Centre, filled with typically Spanish shops, Hotels, Supermarket, Bars and Restaurant's.
This area and surrounding streets are predominately Spanish,
and many Visitors who come to Los Alcázares don't even know this area exists, so if you want the "Real Spain Experience" this is the area to visit and you certainly won't be disappointed both choice and price wise.

Here the Bars and Restaurants give a warm welcome to tourist's and visitors, and you won't be pestered by North African traders selling trinkets along with maurading musicians playing the Birdie song.
The Police would immediately remove them.
Well worth the visit !!.

For a list of the shops in the Old Town click HERE.
Below is a Promotional Video of
Los Alcázares
Courtesy of Town Hall
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